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The Indeterminacy Method

Step outside your thinking patterns 


Developed in partnership with McGill University’s Building 21 and The Fulbright Foundation, The Indeterminacy Method focuses on providing individuals with the creative tools necessary to navigate the world as entrepreneurial thinkers. ICG offers workshops hosted by artists, academics, and creators for students across the disciplines. The environment created at ICG is a laboratory setting where individuals are invited to test new ideas that are often at the edge of their disciplinary expertise. ICG is a place for experimental exploration, serving as an incubator to design new strategies to thrive in the 21st century.



The Indeterminacy Festival 2019 PastFuture/futurepast 

Photo by Michael Mandolfo

meet Stanzi vaubel


Stanzi Vaubel, PhD, developed The Indeterminacy Method over the past seven years as an extension of her work as a Fulbright Fellow (2020), PhD Scholar (University of Buffalo), advisor at McGill University's Building 21, and the founder/director of The Indeterminacy Festival (2016-present). Passionate about interdisciplinary learning and the under-exploited role of improvisation in creative development, Stanzi designed The Indeterminacy Method as a means of training others to maximize their agency, preparedness, and ingenuity in response to complex and challenging situations. The Indeterminacy Consulting Group is the fruition of her extensive academic research and hands-on experience examining the fertile territories that exist between and among disciplines. Her consulting practice, seminars, and events series all focus on revealing the untapped intelligence one can harness by surrendering traditional thinking patterns and social constructs in favor of more fluid, informed, and holistic responses.


"The wide array of processes and ideas touched upon always kept me on my toes, never allowing me to settle in the comfort of a recurring/predictable mindset. "