The Indeterminacy Method trains you to think across sectors with  neurosurgeons, dream researchers, psychologists, movement specialists, entrepreneurs, doctors, and philosophers - we extract this knowledge And apply it to life.  

This is a whole different level of training. It changes the culture in which you operate.

It changes the nature of what is possible.


The nature of work is changing. All of us need to become indeterminacy practitioners – grandmasters of our lives. With remote work and decentralized offices, the very fabric of our social and professional worlds is stretching - the reality is that we’re not clustered together anymore. You’ll be asked to do things that are increasingly complex and uncharted in our new professional landscape. If you train in other unknowables — in other fields that you are not already astute in, the possibilities are endless. The Indeterminacy Method trains you to condition your mind to respond in a complete, informed manner to the situation at hand. The objective is to get you to a place where your performance can be excellent, interconnected, and sensitive to these dynamics even though you can’t cultivate these relationships at the proverbial water cooler. This is not an external tool to fix the problem, but a Method that becomes part of how you operate within these new structures. As a practitioner of the Indeterminacy Method you are empowered to reach a place of mental preparedness. Consider indeterminacy practice as your multivitamin – to keep your mind healthy as you navigate this new professional landscape. We do this by talking to experts across domains and disciplines ranging from: doctors, architects, scientists, dream researchers, movement specialists, composers, vocal coaches, entrepreneurs, and philosophers. We travel into these unique universes and discover tremendous intelligence that can equip us as we open ourselves to alternative thinking, alternative strategies, alternative outcomes in our own lives.   


about stanzi vaubel

Dr. Stanzi Vaubel

Indeterminacy Founder, PhD.

Founder and Director, Stanzi Vaubel began her training as a classical cellist at The Juilliard Pre-College. She received her BA from Northwestern University and her PhD from The University at Buffalo in the Media Study Department while on teaching fellowship. She has collaborated on projects at Robert Wilson's Watermill Center, and has performed at such venues such as Tanglewood, The Long House, and Carnegie Hall. She has worked as a producer for New York Public Radio and produced a series entitled "The Gift" for Chicago Public Radio. Her audio documentaries have been featured on WBEZ, BBC, and spotlighted by The Third Coast Audio Festival. Her work has been commissioned by The Whitney Museum of American Art, The Burchfield Penney Arts Center, KANEKO, UnionDocs, Public Space One, and Free City Festival. During her time in Buffalo she became interested in site-specific productions, creating SITES DO THINGS TO PEOPLE (2015) staged at Hallwalls Contemporary Art Center, EXCURSIONS INTO UNKNOWABLE WORLDS (2016) staged at the Hi-Temp Warehouse. In 2016 she founded The Indeterminacy Festival focused on creating large-scale collaborative events which involved over a hundred participants and united a wide variety of disciplines and communities around solving complex problems. The festival was staged at Silo City for two years, UNCERTAINTY (2017), EMERGENCE (2018), and PASTFUTURE/FUTUREPAST at The Penn Dixie Fossil Park and Nature Reserve in 2019. In 2020 she was awarded a Fulbright Fellowship to travel to Montreal and host the 2021 Indeterminacy Festival. Prior to Covid-19 she staged a pre-festival performance in partnership with suoni per il popolo at Sala Rossa in Montreal, entitled CREATING AN OPEN SYSTEM, hosted in collaboration with conductor Guillaume Bourgogne and his improvisation students at McGill University's Schulich School of Music. Previous festivals have been supported by New York State Council for the Arts, Mark Diamond Research Fund, the Physics and Media Study Departments at UB, Techne Institute, The Fulbright Foundation, and the College of Arts and Sciences Dissertation Fellowship. 


In Fall 2020, Stanzi launched The Indeterminacy Consulting Group (ICG) in development with McGill University's Building 21 and The Fulbright Foundation. At Building 21 she serves as an academic mentor. In this role, she trains students how to thrive within uncertainty, bringing The Indeterminacy Method to coach students how to improvise new solutions to complex problems.




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