How to Re-Discipline in the 21st Century

* guest talks with Artist-scholars in u.s.+ CANADA *

Summer, Fall 2021   


It starts with this: today we have too much anxiety and not enough influence. Many of us place a great deal of pressure on ourselves to be original. ”

With so much emphasis on finding and promoting oneself, this new anxiety had often resulted in favoring a rush towards originality without giving attention to the slow, painstaking process of finding the intellectual ground from which to build a strong identity. Even if one is suspicious of the 'old masters', as is often the case today, there is a rich world of models just beyond our usual grasp. To reach these models and discover them for ourselves, we must build out of what we know, making new connections in a process of emergence with both open-mindedness and rigor.

To help us do so, we can learn from the scholars around us now who have done so already: those who go beyond their initial training to improvise their ideas in an interdisciplinary mode. This process, of returning to what one knows, but in new and unexpected formulations, could be called re-disciplining. 

On June 17th, at Elastic Arts, ICG will present its first curated talk series around this theme: "Four Directions" for Re-Disciplining in the 21st Century from four artist-scholars engaged in this process: Adelheid Mers, Julian Terrell Otis, Ben Zucker, and Spencer Parsons More info here. 

Winter 2020
Create your own Framework

For Building 21 at McGill University, event series introducing to novel frameworks presented by experts and practitioners across disciplines.  

Kathy Kennedy

January 27


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become a more powerful communicator


Jamie Currie


The Dying art of not connecting

Eric Lewis and ben zucker

February 10th

How to orchestrate the "score" of your life.


Doreen wackeroth & Reinhard Reitzenstein


Physics in Our Everyday Lives

Randy Schiff

February 24TH

Systems Theory, Romance, and the Wildly Stabilizing Feedback Patterns 


Andrew Hendry


Place-Based Pedagogy & Improvisation in the Pandemic


Alanna Kraaijeveld


Fight Monkey technique

Joel Trudeau


The Fourth industrial revolution and S.P.A.CE.