New Directions

Are you ready to launch your creative life in new directions? 

 Seeking the spark of the unexpected?

These interactive summer intensives are for individuals who are looking to shake up their thinking and creative practices. 

Each week long program meets Monday, Wednesday, Friday, from 6-7pm EST, unless otherwise listed. You will work closely with cross-sector experts who will introduce you to a new "tool kit" for your thinking/creative practices.  In between class sessions, you will be out in the field experimenting, testing, and prototyping your ideas in action. These programs are great whether you need a break from your work routine or want to dive deep into a project. Contact to inquire further.

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Package of Six $650

*Limited Space Available for each intensive
*Bring a friend and receive a 20 percent discount for each registrant

meditative writing


with rachel Webster

May 24, 26, 28

“Do I contradict myself? Very well, then, I contradict myself; (I am large. I contain multitudes),” wrote poet Walt Whitman. Virologists and microbiologists point out that the human story is one of adaptability, and that on a micro level, our bodies contain DNA that is more not us than us. This workshop will induct you into a process of meditative freewriting that will allow you to regularly access the multitude within you--whether that is the voice of a character, a complex idea, a story, an inherited post-memory, or a clarity previously unavailable in your daily life. Meditative freewriting allows us to get beyond our personalities to what is more observant, porous and spacious. We learn to use our five-sensory experiences to access multisensory experiences of intuition, intrinsic form and meaning.  

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The spacious screenplay


with Spencer parsons

May 31, June 2nd, 4th

hosted from 7:30-8:45pm EST

The Spacious Screenplay provides more information than a traditional screenplay about the entire world of the film. It includes details about the lives of the characters beyond the frame and outside the ultimate running time of the film. During a lengthy shooting process the performer and the director may not know exactly what filmed material will be included in the final edit, allowing for the inclusion of unpredictable and possibly “improvised” material.  It is assumed that the screenwriting process is engaged to a great degree during all stages of production—pre-production, shooting, and post- production. The screenplay is written with varying degrees of improvisation in mind at all stages of production. How do we learn to incorporate this spaciousness into our own screenplays?

Creating Habitation


with Jamie Currie

June 7,9,11

""These fragments I have shored against my ruin"   T.S. Eliot conjures the real and imaginary ghosts that roam London in the aftermath of WWI. In our current moment, how do we create meaning out of the detritus? How do we take the rubble of the past and build a new kind of habitation? Drawing upon his extensive work as a studio installation artist, Dr. Currie will guide us in a "how to" exploration in taking materials at hand and making meaning out of the seemingly insignificant.   


Become a more powerful communicator


with Kathy KENNEDY

June 7,9,11

7:30-8:45pm EST

Kathy Kennedy is a vocalist, composer, choir director and vocal coach for singers, actors and professional communicators, and teaches in the Electronic Music Department of Concordia University. Her work focuses on large-scale sound installation with live performers and radio. In these works, music is composed specifically for each architectural site based on its acoustic and spatial properties. Sonic choreographies typically involve up to 100 performers moving and singing throughout an artistically and spatially provocative site. The experience is immersive and extremely difficult to reproduce, like swimming in a sea of sound. In this workshop Kathy offers a glimpse of how we might  translate sonic choreography into our every day lives. Whether it’s a presentation, a public interview or chairing an important meeting, you will learn how to act and project your voice with confidence. 



with Samuel Veissière

June 14,16,18

As a metaphor borrowed from the material sciences, ‘resilience’ describes the properties of a material that bends back into its original shape after encountering a stressor.  The construct of ‘antifragility’ takes this dynamic further to describe the adaptation strategies of systems and organisms that grow and thrive from encountering uncertainty and disorder. In our current pandemic moment, we all discovered strategies and inner resources we didn't know we had - we have discovered resilience, we discovered anti-fragility. Now, as the pandemic slowly winds to a close, the “coming out” process will require a bit of cocoon-shattering deliberateness. We’re going to have to learn how to integrate this essentialized knowledge back into our every day lives. What habits should we carry with us back into the real world?


Physical Brainstorming / Animating Materials


with Melanie Aceto

June 21,23,25

How do we transform materials such as rope, water or 3,000 square feet of plastic into animated objects that communicate meaning, message and beauty? In this workshop choreographer Melanie Aceto will teach participants how to "brainstorm" with materials to reveal their meaning making potential. Starting on Monday with an introduction to this process and an investigation of materials to work with, she will lead participants in exploratory and generative structures, and then return on Wednesday and Friday to workshop individual findings. No background in movement necessary.

Making Meaning in the 21st Century


with Medical doCTOR

Oren Krajden

June 28,30,July 2nd

One of the most powerful medicines we have is our ability to make meaning. We will explore different approaches to meaning-making, drawing on sources in history, in art, medicine, philosophy, religion and the interpersonal. Situated in our present historical moment we will visit recent insights into this most ancient human practice. Dr. Krajden a physician who has researched social responses post-disaster. He has trained at Dalhousie, the University of Toronto, and McGill University. He has worked in long term care and with youth during the 2020 pandemic peak, and has at been with people at the beginning, middle and end of life.

Screen Shot 2021-03-29 at 4.24.15 PM.png



with Stanzi Vaubel

June 28,30,+ July 2nd

Do you feel anxious to be original?  Today, many young people feel pressured to "find themselves" with minimal outside influence. They are encouraged to express their unique identity and creativity in a pure and unadulterated way. With so much emphasis placed on originality, it can feel unoriginal to go backwards and study our historical predecessors. The conservatory model of "mastering the masters" feels outdated and unexciting. Now, the pressure is on to create something new. In this workshop, we will learn how to lower the anxiety and up the intake of nontraditional influences, in our quest to find meaning and shape our identities, by focusing on the medium of sound and strategies for close listening in podcast and radio production.

Stephanie Davidson.jpg



with Stephanie Davidson

July 5,7,+9

The corner detail is where materials and space come together. Corner details are highly expressive (even when they’re not meant to be). They show us design intentions (or lack thereof), material characteristics and they very often reveal relationships between interiors and structure. There are innumerable ways to solve a corner detail. Resolving or designing corners can be a life’s work. This workshop will zoom in on  questions such as: how do corners come together? How do the properties of the materials express themselves? What remains visible? What is covered-up? How do new elements relate to existing, old building elements? Details clearly need to respond to practical issues but how they’re solved can and should involve sensitivity, inquisitiveness, inventiveness, expressiveness, and even humour.


ben zucker.jpg

With composers Ben Zucker

and Dustin Finer

July 5,7,+9

7-8:45pm EST



dustin finer .jpg

what to do

We are interested in how music is structured to create certain patterns of sound and gesture, and how these structures may be open to reconfiguring other modes of experience. In this workshop, we will draw upon our backgrounds in experimental composition to show how participants may find avenues for ‘composing’ new forms of awareness using these musical models as starting point. All are welcome from any background, musical or otherwise—the goal is to develop new perspectives, based in music but transferable to any discipline or field.

Sense of Energy


with Esin Gunduz

July 12, 14, 16

Esin Gunduz teaches us how to transform uncomfortable energy - whether it is vertigo or the surprise of unexpected news and channel these sensations into sound. This method of sonic release, allows us to grapple with otherwise incomprehensible experiences and externalize them.  In this workshop Dr. Gunduz will focus on a specific technique developed in collaboration with ICG and visual artist Michael Mandolfo, that allows participants to experience the relationship between color and sound. In the same way synesthetes can “see” sound as colors, and “taste” textures like “round” or “pointy”, participants will learn how to channel incomprehensible energy into a musical form.  

Esin Gunduz bio pic.jpg