•  As a consultant I work closely with organizations over the long-term to help understand and highlight how indeterminacy exists or can be heightened within an organization.

  • In this role, I take the time to understand the structure, mission, and goals of the organization and bring The Indeterminacy Method in, to amplify existing practices.

  • My goal is to identify indeterminacy where it already exists within an organization and nurture that within the current culture of the organization. 


  • Each week we meet a new seminar leader who presents a novel framework for navigating our complex world. 

  • We talk to experts across domains and disciplines ranging from: doctors, architects, scientists, dream researchers, movement specialists, composers, vocal coaches, entrepreneurs, and philosophers.

  • In this program we "crosstrain", zooming in and out, framing and re-framing, diving deep into the specifics —  and then re-emerging to see how these specifics are applicable to you.

  • We travel into these unique universes and discover tremendous intelligence that can equip us as we open ourselves to alternative thinking, alternative strategies, alternative outcomes in our own lives.   

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events & wORKSHOPS

For six years I directed an annual international festival hosted in Buffalo and Montreal. In a post Covid-19 world, it was necessary to creatively respond to the the "new normal". In lieu of hosting a singular festival in one location, ICG now hosts satellite events and workshops in different cities both in the U.S. and abroad. To design and coordinate these events, I work with local organizations, experts, and artists to develop programming in their home towns. Stay tuned for Summer 2021 workshops, performances, and events.